Helpful resources for your practice

Clinical materials

Tap to view and download the nurse CINV tracker

Nurse CINV Tracker

Use this checklist at each visit as part of a discussion about CINV to help monitor patients’ experiences.

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Tap to view and download SUSTOL Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use (IFU)

A document with information about the preparation and administration of SUSTOL.

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Tap to view and download SUSTOL Administration Tear Sheet

Administration Tear Sheet

Illustrated overview and helpful hints to administer SUSTOL.

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MOA and administration videos

MOA Video

Scientific animation that shows how the extended-release 5-HT3 RA in SUSTOL works.

Administration Video

See how to properly administer SUSTOL.

Patient resources

Tap to view and download the patient CINV symptom tracker

Patient CINV Tracker

Give patients this document to take home to help them keep track of any CINV they experience.

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Tap to review the Patient Education Flashcard

Patient Education Flashcard

A flashcard that provides important information about what your patient can expect when receiving SUSTOL.

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5-HT3 RA=5-hydroxytryptamine receptor antagonist; CINV=chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting; MOA=mechanism of action.