SUSTOL—the only 5-HT3 RA with polymer technology that is engineered to last for ≥5 days1-7*

  • Granisetron is a proven, effective treatment option for the prevention of CINV, and its therapeutic benefits are well established2,5
  • The unique polymer technology of SUSTOL is engineered to allow for a sustained and controlled release of granisetron to prevent CINV for ≥5 days1
Polymer technology enables a controlled release of granisetron


  • SUSTOL is engineered using a unique polymer technology that enables a controlled release of the otherwise shorter-acting granisetron1,2
Polymer undergoes hydrolysis


  • After subcutaneous injection, the polymer undergoes hydrolysis and delivers granisetron in a controlled, sustained release for ≥5 days1,2
Polymer hydrolyzes and is eliminated from the body


  • After the granisetron has been released, the polymer hydrolyzes and is eliminated from the body1,2

See how SUSTOL works1

  • SUSTOL is indicated for the prevention of CINV due to MEC and AC combination chemotherapy.
  • 5-HT3 RA=5-hydroxytryptamine receptor antagonist; AC=anthracycline/cyclophosphamide; CINV=chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting; MEC=moderately emetogenic chemotherapy.


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