SUSTOL represents the latest formulation of injectable, single-agent 5-HT3 RAs1-5

Timeline of 5-HT3 RAs leading to SUSTOL

SUSTOL protects your patients during both the acute and delayed phases

  • SUSTOL is the first and only extended-release 5-HT3 RA that utilizes polymer technology1-3,6-8
  • Palonosetron is not indicated for prevention of delayed CINV associated with HEC1

Why choosing the right 5-HT3 RA is important

Consequences of uncontrolled CINV to consider:

  • Delays or discontinuation of future chemotherapy cycles9,10
  • Impact on quality of life by increasing the potential for hospitalizations and unscheduled visits for hydration11,12
  • Risk for medical complications such as malnutrition, weight loss, and electrolyte imbalances11,12
  • Additional treatment, including reliance on rescue medications11

Earlier 5-HT3 RA formulations with a shorter duration of action may not protect patients from both acute and delayed CINV1-3

5-HT3 RA=5-hydroxytryptamine receptor antagonist; CINV=chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting; HEC=highly emetogenic chemotherapy.


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